Voice Control is an application that lets you command your device with your voice. It supports the functions below.

    • "What's the time?"

      Check date/time

    • "What's the weather like in New York?"

      Check the weather

    • "Call John"

      Make a phone call

    • "Did I miss any calls?"

      Check missed calls/Call back

    • "Wake me up at seven"

      Set the alarm

    • "Set the timer for three minutes"

      Set the timer

    • "What's my next event?"

      Check your events

    • "Read text message"

      Check your latest SMS message

    • "Play some music"

      Play music**Available only for Smart Bluetooth Speaker

    • "Find my phone"

      Find your smartphone

    • "How much battery is left?"

      Check the battery level of the device and smartphone